Writing "I Can"

This is a song I wrote after spending months and months writing and re-writing songs for my album. I really wanted to write a pop song with a defined structure. I was more careful when writing this than I usually am. A lot of my music, I write from the heart. I let it free-flow and make sure it feels right. While I did that with this song too, I paid more attention to the delivery. I kept the versus short and made sure that my chorus wasn't complicated and that the lyrics were intentional and simple. 

When I was younger, I loved to write. I remember being in 5th grade and getting so excited to hand in a paper. I just loved getting my point across. 

I remember my teacher at the time telling me that my writing was to the point and not long and drawn out. This is a method I apply to a lot of my song writing. If a word isn't needed, I take it out. I make it short and simple. 

For me, it's the marriage of the melody and words together that is most important. I love the balancing act. My rule of thumb in writing and especially in this song, is to leave out fluff. No fluff in the melody, no fluff in the lyrics. I try my hardest to be intentional while also keeping the authenticity of the songs feeling through the meaning of the words.