Writing "Falling Apart"  

Ahhhhh. Well don't know you know what I was doing while writing this song? Coming TOGETHER.


When I wrote this song, I was thinking a lot about phrasing. I wanted the verses to have a memorable/similar feeling that shifted in and out of every line. For me, what makes a song easy to remember and easy to listen to, is the expectation I have in the melody. With this song, I held that in the fore front of the writing process. Each time I come back to a verse, the same phrasing melodically appears again. So, even if you don't know the words, you can hum along. I love hearing this in music. I don't like to follow something complicated. 


When we think of a chorus, typically, it is the same phrasing repeated over and over that makes it so catchy and memorable, with the same melody and almost always, written with the same words. The less work you have to do as a listener, the more satisfying it is (for me & maybe you) to listen to. When i hear music, I want to be able to sing along or at last hum to the song as quickly as possible. I'm not saying I don't like surprises, I love that, but I love the simple nature of easily being able to follow along. As a listener, I feel included in the song and that is exactly what I was going for when I wrote falling apart.